Who We Are

We are STRENGTH HAVEN - a 501(c)3 with the mission to:

Provide space and resources for people to increase their physical and mental capacity to better respond to the stress of daily life.

Doing business as Live Fast Fit Free. 

Memberships will be donation based - suggested amount is $25/month, $132/6 months, and $240/year, or per family $46/month, $250/6 months, $450/year. THAT SAID - it is your choice, what you can contribute today is appreciated. Please fill out the waiver here

Most of all your dedication to yourself and your health is what we value most. 

Once we get the WIFI and property taxes paid for each month the remainder of the monies donated will go to our 'I SEE YOU' fund. 

With the goal of encouraging each other with random 'I See You' - cups of coffee, gas card, pizza on us, groceries, opportunity to take a class at NTC or UWBC - a nomination form can be found HERE for you to let us know who needs a push, a pat on the back, a nudge to keep being curious and learning something new. From $5-$500 will be dedicated to chosen nominees. 

A monthly class will be available to all those NEW to the gym space, 45 minutes to explore the options available to you. Alternating with a monthly class for those NEW to yoga, breath and meditation work, 45 minutes to explore this space of mental and physical peace. AND who knows what else we will come up with to share with you. If you have ideas PLEASE let us know!

Thank you all for your support of Live Fast Fit Free! 

It is very appreciated!

Take care,

Jill and the Strength Haven - Board of Directors