We are STRENGTH HAVEN - a 501(c)3 with the mission to:

Provide space and resources for people to increase their physical and mental capacity to better respond to the stress of daily life.

Using the Daily Stoic interpretation of Marcus Aurelius as our vision - Our ambition should not be to win, then, but to play with our full effort. Our intention is not to be thanked or recognized, but to help and to do what we think is right. Our focus is not on what happens to us but on how we respond. In this, we will always find contentment and resilience.

Monies donated will go to our 'WE SEE YOU' fund. 

('We' being our community - your insight is what will drive this acknowledgment)

In line with our mission and vision we will support each other with random 'We See You' - cups of coffee, gas card, pizza on us, groceries, opportunity to take a class at NTC or UWBC - a nomination form can be found HERE for you to let us know who needs a push, a pat on the back, a nudge to keep being curious and learning something new. These acknowledgments will occur quarterly throughout the year. 

Thank you all for your support of Strength Haven! 

It is appreciated!

Take care and Be well,

The Strength Haven - Board of Directors